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CALPIERRE SHOES - The Calpierre company produces shoes with constant commitment and continuous attention to the products that are offered. Natural product, totally made in Italy by "indigenous" personnel according to the criteria of master footwear craftsmen using national raw materials. Shoes suitable for customers who know the good shoe, made today, according to the criteria of the past time.

FOOTWEAR CALPIERRE - Calpierre produces footwear for men and women and for all seasons. For her: from décolleté to sandal, from men's style to boot, for him: from loafer to slipper, from formal lacing to less formal or office lacing for those who love the classic and want to stand out. For some seasons Calpierre also offers a new line of footwear that wink at the genre sneakers but with quality from finely crafted and finished handmade shoe. Wearing a pair of Calpierre means returning to wear the Italian style and quality, the one that the world envies us.

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